Client Results

Meet some of our fabulous clients!

Amanda Ruiz

Made over 66K in new business won a National Award & is regularly featured as an expert on National Radio.

Linda Barbour

Made a return on her investment in just 6 weeks. 10 x her fees & selling with ease.

Jo Painter

Created & sold a £6,000 programme, landed her first corporate booking & getting high level speaking gigs.

Jenni Hallam

“I’ve quadrupled my rates & sold my first £14k programme, spoken at conferences, and am writing my book”

Bev Mead

“You’d be mad not to work with Helen! I now have a clear plan of exactly what to do and which order to do them in.”

Carol May

"Just Do It!”

Emma Nicholls

"Landed my first corporate client, got a massive speaking gig. I have systems & structure to consistently get clients."

Teresa Blount

“Before Helen, I didn't have a business, only an idea. She's really been there for me. She's fantastic.”

Anna Maria Hawke

Had her first £6k pay day, sold out a 300 person event and got massive press coverage.

"Since working with Helen, I’ve booked my largest ever event (over 300 people), got my business systems in place, & created a simple marketing funnel. Here’s just a taste of what we’ve accomplished."

  • Achieved Massive Press Coverage
  • Created a simple & ‘do-able' marketing plan
  • Created a high quality photo shoot
  • Set up my automated email system
  • Created & Published a regular newsletter
  • Created systems for each area of your business
  • Set up a virtual office address
  • Sold and delivered your largest event so far
  • Researched potential venues & other sales opportunities
  • Hones my sales conversations
  • Improved my sales call booking system
  • Published a high quality Brochure
  • Started generating leads from facebook ads

“I now feel like I have a ‘proper’ business & am excited about the new opportunities ahead of me!”

Robyn Ware

"Helen helped me find, pitch, negotiate and close my first dedicated client.  I am now earning enough to work just 18 hours a week!"

Helen is very straight-forward to deal with - I cannot stress enough how critical this is! I have talked to many people in business, who forget to come out of their industry language.


In no time at-all with her targeted questions, Helen established my needs and focused my mind on how to get what I want from running my business. 


I knew I could trust her because I have worked with her over the last four years and we are also connected through various business peers and she really knows her stuff! Helen is my go-to expert on pretty much anything related to being a small business owner but I also value her experience with large corporates. She has delivered her services for such wide-ranging clients from Ralph Lauren through to Barclays, so it’s a great privilege to access her expertise. 


In our VIP session we clarified my ideal clients, pricing structure, and where to market myself. As a busy mum to young children, it is essential I am smart with my time and pitch myself right so I can charge the optimum rate to make my part-time hours work for me and reflect my skillset and experience. 


Helen helped me find, pitch, negotiate and close my first dedicated client.  I am now earning enough to work just 18 hours a week!  I should have done this years ago…… 


For anyone considering working with Helen I would say, do not hesitate for one moment. You will earn back the fee countless times over, once you put her steps into action! 

Robyn Ware
Leadership, Marketing & Hospitality Consultant. USA

Yelena Konnova

"Helen is a fantastic coach! She saw where I struggle and require help with by breaking down into a easy to follow structure that is not overwhelming. She gave me confidence in decluttering my business model that was not producing the results I want."

"She is very approachable and confident in what she does. She does not give false expectations and provides with honest analysis of your situation by being a great listener confident mentor."

Tina Barney

"Helen has helped me to move forward with my business and encouraged me to start thinking and dreaming bigger.  She was insightful and perceptive, quickly identifying key areas to address.  I got the feeling that she knows when to gently support and encourage and when you need a bit of a kick to move forwards. If you are thinking of working with Helen, just Go For It."

Business Retreat Experiences

Lynette Allen

"Bloody Brilliant! Far exceeded my expectations - She gives away ALL her secrets!"

Helen Humprey Tailor

“Absolutely ‘eyes on stalks’ Eye Opening!”

Sarah Bond

“Just do it”

Rachel Jewel

“She makes it simple & do-able”

Jenni Hallam

“Inspirational. Helen absolutely walks her talk”

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