Can Divorce Be Sweet?

Can divorce be sweet??? I was recently in Paris in a wonderful bakery and saw this delicious cake called ‘Divorce’ !!! Please French friends translate this for me ! Is it really called divorce!!!

In the meantime - It got me thinking about some of the reasons women come to work with me. It’s no secret that most of my Clients want to make MASSIVE leaps in their income - and many times this is because their life circumstances have changed...or they WANT to change them. This often looks like recent or impending divorce, kids leaving home, reaching a milestone birthday & suddenly realising they have no pension or savings, or maybe, a family member getting sick and suddenly realising you’re gonna need a LOT of cashola to get the medical treatment you want. Or sometimes my clients just want MORE! More TIME with their kids, more CONTROL over their working week, more PASSION in their work or more ADVENTURES in their life.

When women step-up in a big way they do often do it, not simply for ‘power’ or ‘reward’ but for the people or causes they LOVE. Whatever it is for you - you can bet taking a big leap in your business and life is going to bring up stuff.

If you want to grow your business to 5 or 10k months, not only will you have to redesign your business systems, marketing and messaging, you’ll be making big shifts in your confidence, your relationships, your boundaries, your habits.

People often come to me for business strategy and the ‘been there, done that’ fast tracking intel that gives them a short cut to their goals. But the real deal is, your mindset is just as important as having a powerful message and getting massively visible to your ideal clients. The thing is - WHAT GOT YOU HERE WON’T GET YOU THERE. If you’ve ever closed a big sale and had clients back out, found yourself struggling to say your higher prices out loud, or find yourself giving away massive extras to justify your fees, you may have some mindset gremlins. Or maybe your hiding behind your computer and spending hours re-writing a brochure or web page but not ACTUALLY getting in front of clients - yep, gremlins again.


This is why all my mentoring programmes include mindset coaching alongside the Client Attraction strategies, growing your ‘bounce back’ muscles, and ‘grit’, alongside your cash flow.

So whatever big challenges you’re facing outside of your business, be it divorce, bereavement, moving can be sure that stepping up within it will create some of the biggest personal development shifts in your life.

I care deeply about the amazing women I work with and am honoured to be alongside them in this part of their journey .

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